It really says a lot about a band when they play on the same day as Victor Wooten and Roy Hargove and the crowd can't stop talking about Nosotros' set."  - Festival Promoter, Telluride Jazz Festival 

“The kind of CD I would put on at a party and the energy would never drop!”  - Felix Contreras, NPR Alt Latino

Wanna be in our music video?

Nosotros is teaming up with NM Film Resource to shoot our first music video! It will be for our song "Amor Sincero" that will be released on our new CD. We need as many dancers as we can get to dance in the video. The shoot is going to be happening on Saturday, November 21st at 9am at the Santa Fe Community College. The video is going to be set in a dance show (i.e. American Bandstand, Soul Train) so we are looking for all types if dancers in any style.... freestyle, salsa, breakdance, hip name it!  If you know of anyone that would like to be in it, please let them know. 

Everyone that attends will get a free download of the song, "Amor Sincero". They will also get free admission to our CD release party in February and will be given a free copy of our new CD at the party. There will also be giveaways througout the day. We will be providing donuts, coffee, water and veggie trays. 

Shooting will begin at 9am and dancers will be done shooting at 1:30pm. 

Everyone should dress as they would if they were going out on the town dancing. Anyone who has clothes that sparkle with sequence or anything else, please wear it!

Location at the Santa Fe Community College (NM) campus:
Head to the Film Department/KSFR. Room 544

Video - Telluride Jazz Festival


Nosotros seamlessly combines Latin rhythms with elements of Rock, Salsa, Jazz and Cumbia creating an original sound that is unmistakably Nosotros. M.E. Schenck of Hyperactive Music Magazine may have interpreted their sound best by saying “Nosotros’ musicis not to be explained, it is to be felt in the pit of our souls.” 


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    Aqui Y Alla 03:55
  2. 2
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    Solo Un Dia 03:50
  3. 3
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    Viboras 04:17
  4. 4
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    American Dreams 04:02
  5. 5
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    Hermosa 04:54
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    Mama Tierra 04:54
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    Until Next Time 05:40
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    Siempre Siguimos 04:40
  9. 9
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    Mamacita 04:23
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    El Perseguido 06:03

Band Members

Randy Sanchez - Tres, Guitar
Shane Derk - Guitar
Dennis Jasso - Drums
Gilbert Uribe - Bass
Carlos Fontana - Vocals
Manu Ramirez - Saxophones
David Weeks - Trumpet
Ricky Carrido - Congas